• if you are concerned about the amount of information on the web, then ProBuddy is the
    event for you
  • Gujarat.

ProBuddy:Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge:

“Knowing from the Horse's Mouth”.

Do you wish to learn more about your life in Germany? Leaving behind the shackles of homesickness and wandering through Europe! Whether it is finding the right group of friends, working part time, or finding an internship or job - we ask our alumni to share their experiences as they have studied, lived, and worked abroad.

So far, we have had sessions with people who have lived in Germany for over 10 years as well as people who have lived here for about six months, from Mechanical, Mechatronics, Automotive to Architecture, Biology, and Physics. For the purpose of maintaining a small group, the event is exclusive to our in-house students. In summary, if you are concerned about the amount of information on the web and are unsure of what is right, then ProBuddy is the event for you.


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