• AIGSE scholarship test had more than 1500 applicants in 2021.
  • Gujarat.

Aspirants interested in studying in Germany can take this scholarship or talent hunt examination each year. Over the years we have worked with German universities, we have a great idea of what they are looking for! This test aims to find such a profile. From masters in Germany to MBAs in Germany to Master of Management degrees in Germany, we have students from all backgrounds.

AIGSE scholars have been nurtured in previous years with the right strategy building, identifying strengths and working on threats simultaneously. By following our focused process driven consulting, the aspirant is able to land a place in their dream university. There are often multiple admissions from reputed universities for AIGSE scholars. Aside from this, they are familiar with the types of employers they should contact once they graduate.

AIGSE scholarship test had more than 1500 applicants in 2021. The scholarship nurtured about 60 top aspirants. Through this test, we have evolved from admission and visa consulting to career consulting.

Looking for a tuition-free public university in Germany? AIGSE could be your ticket to success. This is a great opportunity! Do not let it pass you by!


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