Curriculum Vitae Services

Our Curriculum Vitae Training is a unique program keeping in mind the requirement of study abroad aspirants.


Our training modules include

Formats recommended by specific Country

What to write in a Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae formatting/editing

Highlighting tasks in your Curriculum Vitae

Common mistakes in Curriculum Vitae


step 01

Attend a workshop on the preparation of a CV. Learn everything you need to know about writing a CV. The workshop is conducted exclusively by one of our Master counselors.


step 02

Prepare your CV following our step by step guidelines and submit them to us for a review.

step 03

Let our senior counselors review it. Additionally, it is also reviewed by AI powered writing tools for enhancing the language of your CV

step 04

Receive a copy of the revised CV.



A CV training session typically is meant to understand WHY, HOW and WHAT of CV.

  • 1. Why an CV is required and what is the importance of submitting a CV
  • 2. How to start writing a CV
  • 3. What should be included in a CV

Additionally, it provides tips for formatting and editing CVs, as well as details on the requirements to meet for applications to either admission, visas, or scholarships. The session also introduces you to words not to use in CV.

Lastly, our counselors conduct a review of the written CV, followed by the use of an AI-powered tool. A copy of the reviewed CV is provided to students for future reference.

Yes, Of course. Since many students from multiple locations join this session, we have an option to complete CV Training online. CV Sessions are interactive and Live, hence we request all the students to have a stable internet connection and sit at a place where you can freely participate in the session without distractions.

Students enrolled with us and who have subscribed for this service do not pay any additional cost. If you are not enrolled with us and want to avail this service, please contact us for further information.

To get a copy of the reviewed Curriculum Vitae, one need to wait for at least two – three working days. Usually it will takes this much time to have it.

Unfortunately, we do not provide a sample Curriculum Vitae. We would rather train you to prepare the best Curriculum Vitae.


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